LICORICE ROOT is used for flavouring and also in herbal medicine. In addition it is alleged to Grant the Bearer Control over a Person or Situation. Because of this, LICORICE ROOT is an ingredient in formulas used for controlling others, including Commandingand Essence of Bend-Over. Some people say that they mix LICORICE ROOT with Commanding Powder and sprinkle it around the room where they will meet someone they wish to control. Others tell of adding LICORICE ROOT to a conjure bag filled with so-called Love-Herbs, in order to Dominate in a Love Affair. We have also been told that chips of LICORICE ROOT can be burned as anincense while doing a domination candle-spell. We do make no claims for LICORICE ROOT, and sell as a Curio only. 

Licorice Root 2oz

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